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Phone: (845) 367-7625
Fax: (845) 501-4153

Customer Services

For all questions regarding deposits, withdrawals, allotments, or any other questions regarding your account, please call LUSP Trust at (845) 367-7625.

Accessing Your Nationwide Account

You can begin accessing your LUSP account immediately, either online or by calling the voice inquire toll-free telephone number. In order to use these systems, you will first need to set up your account as outlined below.

You can use either the online or telephone systems as often as you like to check your account balance, to change your address, or view transaction history. Some of the options are intended for 401(k) plan use. Please be advise that all options and tools may not pertain to the LUSP Trust plan.

If you are having trouble with the site, you can contact the Nationwide Technical Support center at (877) 304-1065. Representatives can assist you with setting up your account, logging in, and website issues.

Accessing Your Nationwide Account Online
1. Click:
and select “Sign Up” under the Log In button.

2. Complete:

First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Zip Code, and Social Security Number.

3. Account/Policy Number:

Key in 010-00497
and click continue.

4. Create a Username and Password:

These fields are case sensitve.
Click continue.

5. Security Questions:

Select one question from each drop down box option and click continue.

6. Email Address:

Enter an email address you would like to have assigned to your account and click continue.

7. Electronic Service Agreement:

View the Electronic Service Agreement and select agree.

8. Click Send

Send your confirmation of acceptance of the Electronic Service Agreement.

9. Log In:

You now have access and can login to your account.

Inquire System

Call the toll-free number to be connected to the Inquire System.

Enter SSN:

Enter your social security number.

Enter PIN:

Enter your PIN Number. (Enter 1234 on first call only.) The system will ask you to re-enter a new PIN Number.

Review Your Account:

Follow the prompts to review your account.

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